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In a family setup, there are better days where the family shares together as a family and they enjoy to the fullest. Basically, living in peace and harmony is usually the aspirations of any family out there. There is happiness when everyone is able to interact and relate freely in the family. However, this does not mean that everyday will be a happy day. As long as we are humans we are prone to keep on changing our moods and behavior. Apparently, taming and coping with everyone’s behavior becomes the challenge to many. The way you react to a particular situation determines what will follow next. Apparently, there are so many things that provoke people to behave the way they behave at a particular time.

There are those who are going through a lot of challenges in life which makes them to be quite moody and full of tempers that are hard to control. Others are battling depression silently thus when you provoke them they can be able to do the worst. It is due to these and many other scenarios that results to domestic violence. You find that if one of the family members is battling unknown challenges they may end up creating peace instability in their family. This is where you find that there are so many fights which can be severe sometimes and other times, it can even result to fatalities. This will be the worst scenario you can ever think of.

In such a family setup where violence is the order of the day, there will never be peace or happiness. The children will always becomes victims of misfortunes which may affect their growth and development. Equally, it will create a very bad impression to the kids about the family values. Therefore, seeking for help is very crucial in such a case. Essentially, there are experts who handles the counseling of domestic violence victims. Hence if you are a victim, you can be able to engage such a counselor to come to your help. There are several domestic violence counsellors in the market hence you should take time to search foe the best one. A good domestic violence counselor ought to be very composed and full of knowledge regarding the human psychology.

Hence they must have undergone the necessary training regarding psychology. This means that they will be well informed and equipped with the right skills of handling any domestic violence problems. This means that they will have time to know the root cause of the domestic violence and be able to offer the appropriate solution. They must have listening skills because unless they commit themselves to understanding what really transpired between the family members who were engaged in domestic violence, they may not be able to offer any tangible solution. They should also be quite friendly to create a warm environment to solve any problems arising and restore dignity to the victims. Being friendly also instill some confidence making it easier to solve any problem.

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