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Everything You’re Required to Know When Choosing Aluminium Bars

Because there are many different grades and suppliers of aluminium bars in the industry, it might be challenging for you to find out you’re looking for. This short guide will provide you with tips to use when looking for reliable aluminium bars. You should understand which grades of aluminium make the cut. Typical aluminium bars will take any of the following shapes: Rectangle, round, hexagon, flat, and square. The wide assortment of aluminium bars can be distinguished by using degrees of width, thickness and diameter. The upside is that you will always be able to find an aluminium bar that meets your specifications. It is important to first understand the internal properties of the aluminium bars before you begin discussing preferred dimensions. Aluminium bars enjoy a wide range of applications in many Industries with different demands. There are a couple of factors that you should consider when looking for the best aluminium bars for your industry.

Your first consideration should be on the strength of the aluminium bar. You need to have an understanding on the amount of stress that the aluminium bar can withstand. You should consider both the tensile and yield strength of the aluminium bars. Your next consideration should be the machinability of the aluminium bars. You should know early in advance how to properly cut the aluminium bar into the desired final size or shape. Corrosion resistance is also another important consideration that you should have in mind. This is even more so if the environment that the end application of the aluminium will be used has numerous corrosion causing factors. If the aluminium alloys that you want will end up in a moist environment, it is advisable that they have a strong resistance to corrosion.

The internet has made it easy for anybody to understand how aluminium grades perform on the basis of the factors above. It is important for you to look at the alloy that you want and their ranking according to the factors mentioned above. One of the most common aluminium bar alloy is 6061. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile aluminium alloy.6061 has superior strength, corrosion resistance, workability, and ease of joining; making it popular in many Industries and applications. However, you can get more superior machinability from the 2000 series. The 6061 square bar can be cut easily when extruded and it also responds well to welding. This has led to its popularity in industries that require high strength to weight ratios and superior corrosion resistance.

It is also important for you to understand other alloy grades that you may require in future. 6063 is an aluminium bar grade that is popularly used for architectural and ornamental purposes. It is among one of the most joinable alloys of the metal. 6062 is mostly used in screw machines because it has more strength and machinability when compared to 6061. 7075 round bar is usually used in aircraft manufacture. This is due to its light weight and superior strength. You should take your time and find a reliable supplier who can provide you with any aluminium alloy size and shape that you want.

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